Census Returns

The 10 yearly count

One of the first places people go for information on their ancestors are the Census returns. They are extremely useful for genealogy because they give people's names, their families, where they lived, and much more. The Census is administered every 10 years starting in 1841 but missed 1941 due to World War II. These become available to the public once a hundred years have passed so the most recent available is 1911. (There were earlier census returns, 1801 - 1831, which were the responsibility of the Overseers of the Poor and the clergy. It is thought that most of these early returns were destroyed; although a very few have survived, unfortunately not for Norfolk.)

The Census years below have been transcribed for Tharston, re-checked against the original and, as time permits, the content will be annotated with amendments where errors are known.

If you have any photographs or details of any persons in these returns and are prepared to share them please contact us using the Contact page.