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Part of the Duffield family tree
Part of the Duffield family tree

Most villages have families which have lived there for many, many years and have played a considerable part in the life and development of the village. Some members are attempting to put together a family tree of the village which will show where families have joined and some of the history of individuals. This is an enormous task and may well take years, rather than months, to complete the initial research.

The starting criteria for the village population list was that it should include all people who had an entry in a Tharston parish record or census return. This gave several thousand individual entries which had to be grouped together for individual people and was the start of an extremely large MS Excel spreadsheet. From this it is being transferred onto a genealogy program (Family Historian, author's choice), enhancing the information as further research is undertaken, and from which information can be printed in various ways; family trees, individual histories, booklets, etc.

Eventually the whole "tree" will be available in many formats as well as a series of texts and diagrams on parts of the Tharston family. (A full GedCom file will be available for importing into many genealogy programs, some of which are free to download, e.g.: Family Tree Builder (also used by the author). A sample GedCom file, exported 22 Jul 2017, is here for you to try if you so wish.)

A few examples are given below:

Robert Green ABBS - individual report, descendants narative, descendants outline

Frederick CONSTABLE - individual report, descendants narative, descendants outline

As the project develops it is hoped that this list will greatly increase. If you have anyone from Tharston you would like to see as an example like above please make contact and we will include them if or when possible.

Page last updated: 11 February 2019