The house known as Vittoria was one of the buildings erected by Sir R. Harvey and named after a battle at a place called Vittoria during the Peninsular War where the combined army of British, Portuguese and Spanish soldiers defeated the French.

Below is the original plan for Vittoria dated 1829

The design for Vittoria was originally proposed for a house at St Leonard's in 1829. The text at the bottom reads, "Proposed plan of house built 1847 at Tharston, Norfolk belonging to Sir R Harvey, near the brick kiln, but not carried out as the back walls were built higher and 1 bedroom made at the back." The layout of the house is pretty much the same today.

The above is an enlargement of the architect's impression of the house.

The image above is a stone plaque set above the door of Vittoria showing the build date of 1847 and its connection to the brick kiln.

Another local connection ...

Looking around a local churchyard I found this reference to Vittoria .....

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