Military Records and a Visit to France

Military records and Jane's visit to the Great War battlefields and memorials

A good friend to the Tharston History Society, Jane, informed us that she was going to visit the War Graves in France, I presume mainly because she had a family member, Frederick Christopher LLOYD, who has a Memorial at Beacon Cemetery, Sailly-Laurette - photo below of Jane at the Beacon Cemetery entrance. She offered to photograph all the graves of the Tharston fallen, an offer we could not refuse.

It was a delight to have Jane visit the War Graves of the Tharston fallen and upon her return she forwarded us photos of all except one of the names we had given her - one was killed in Gallipolli! Thirteen soldiers buried in France, twelve different memorials, visited them all! She must have had such a full itinerary that it had surely been the entirity of her French visit.

Jane at the entrance to the Beacon Cemetery
Jane at the entrance to the Beacon Cemetery

Below are the military records for those who gave their lives, including Jane's photos in a slideshow for those with memorials on French soil.

The map of France above shows all the cemetaries Jane visited.

Thanks must also go to Evan Waite who compiled information on all the Tharston fallen and collated it into a folder which will be on show in St. Mary's Church. Some of this information has added to our individual soldiers' records. Thank you Evan.

In the front of the folder Evan says:

I was baptized, lived, and married in Tharston. My Parents and sister are buried at Tharston as are many other branches of the family, including Lloyds, Barnes and Mears. My great grandfather was William Lloyd of Tharston and Aslacton. Jane, whose photos I have used from her World War One travels in this book is a relative, although I doubt if she knows it. My Brother still lives in the village, and the Barnes Family are still at Mill Farm.

Coincidence, or not, but strange that two people who have contacted us about the Tharston Fallen did so really through the interest in the same person. Jane and Evan are related but we think have, to date, never met.

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