History nearby

Local history is rarely only about a small area or village, but a village is often inextricably linked to other close neighbour villages, their inhabitants and their trades. The items below do not appear to relate to Tharston but there may be hidden links. If you find other links please let us know.

The 453rd Bomb Group - Old Buckenham Airfield

A local aircraft enthusiast, Keith Sowter, has just completed documenting the aircraft of the 453rd Bomb Group which were based at Old Buckenham Airfield between 1943 and 1945. Maybe some of the Tharston residents at the time will remember them flying overhead, maybe even involved in some way in the lives and activities of the airmen.

The complete document is available on the Old Buckenham Airfield website in the section on the 453RD BG. 'Old Bucks Shots' is a wonderful archive of photos of all sorts of aircraft which are associated with Old Buckenham, including one set called 'Wartime'.

If anyone has any information about this, especially any personal memories, please make Contact and we will pass these on to Keith.

Wacton history ...

One of our regular attendees at the Open Meetings is Robert Maidstone from Wacton. He has told us:

"I hold the 'Wacton Archive' which comprises of mainly transcribed property deeds, most in private hands, and some 200 pictures of local residents. A booklet of Monument inscriptions has been produced, property histories and short family histories are in preparation."

If you have additional information about Wacton or would like further information please contact Robert by email at

Anyone who has an interest in Wacton history is always welcome to join us at our Open Meetings.

More Aslacton History

Nigel Sturman is currently undertaking some snippets of Aslacton history which have involved his family. A page is currently under development where this will be displayed.

If anyone has any information on Nigel's information, especially any personal memories, please make Contact and we will pass these on to him.

Page last updated: 18 June 2020