The Military
Tharston at war ...

Roll of Honour

Local information led us to believe that the original Roll was compiled by asking Tharston residents who needed to be included and so was not the full list of all those eligible. Research by William Hawkins has shown that there were 9 people who lost their lives in the Great War who should be included on the rolls but are missing for some reason or other, bringing the total number to 14. The additional 9 are:

BUCK Jack, COOPER Lewis, DICKERSON Frederick, DYE George, FEEK Frederick, HEROD Laurence Mears, LLOYD Frederick Christopher, PIDGEON William Frederick and SHELDRAKE John

Any information about these people would be interesting.

More information here.

The Home Guard

The above is a copy of a Home Guard correspondence from a collection by Harry Duffield, now held in the Norfolk Archives. If anyone has any other documents like these, please contact us as we would really like to see them.

The Plump

There is a road in Tharston called The Plump. It is believed that a plump is a group of local men who joined together to form a local band of soldiers, ready to be called into action when needed. The Plump is where they used to train and many musket balls have been found in that area.