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What we get up to .....

We are a friendly group of people, mainly from Tharston but some from neighbouring villages, who meet bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of the month (March, May, July, September and November), currently we are looking into venues, when we either have a visiting speaker, one of our members speaks or we have a "bring it to the meeting" session. Normally we start at 7.15 p.m. with refreshments for a 7.30 p.m. meeting start. See the next section below for details of out next meeting.

Some of our members have projects they are working on and they usually update the meetings on how they are proceeding, as well as asking for help.

If you have any ideas about future meeting topics or would be prepared to talk on a topic you have an interest in, please Contact us.

With the current Coronavirus situation we have suspended our meetings until further notice. Please revisit this site for further information.

Our last meeting

The last open meeting was on Wednesday, 27th November 2019, and was held at Picton Farm Meeting Room, Tharston. The main event of the meeting was a talk by Ben Goodfellow about one of the Tasburgh walks he has organised and documented. Peter Hubbard showed the booklet of the Tharston 'Spanish' walk. There was an audience of about 25 people with many coming from local villages around Tharston, who really enjoyed the talk and learned much from it.

Our next meeting - CANCELLED

The next open meeting is on Wednesday, 25th March 2020, and is being held at Picton Farm Meeting Room, Tharston. Refreshments at 7:15 p.m. with the meeting starting at 7:30 p.m.

The main part of this meeting will be the Annual General Meeting for 2020. There will probably be a few important issues around the future of the society that will be discussed. Nigel will also show how the 'Tharston Tree' is progressing and the current situation with issues around the 'Tas Valley' history and potential searchable website.

Anyone interested in Tharston and the surrounding area is most welcome to join us.

Members projects ...

Our members are an active group and we have a separate page which gives information on the Projects that our members are currently undertaking.

Requests for help ...

If you have any information about Tharston, its history or the people who lived there, or could perhaps help us in some way please visit the Help page.

Tharston Reminiscences

Following a request from members at one of our meetings we are undertaking a project on collecting reminiscences about Tharston and the surrounding area. These could be anything from what it was like at school, the village fete, activities as a youngster or anything that is relevant to Tharston and the local area.

If you would like to help please download our questionaire, complete it as many times as you like and return to us. If you can email them to us then do so at  web@tharston-history-society.com or make Contact and we'll make the necessary arrantgements.

A copy of the questionaire is available in MS Word or PDF format for downloading.

The One Hour Challenge

Do you have ancestors who lived in Tharston or a nearby village around 1900? If so, members of the THS would like to take on the challenge of finding out as much as we can about a line of your family in one hour. This has been tried by other societies and has proved to be most informative and enjoyable for all concerned. Many families have used this as a springboard to undertake more detailed research of their own.

Should we undertake this, the results of our findings will be presented at one of our meetings and a copy given to the family. Please note that nothing will be presented at any meeting which is remotely contentious or embarrassing without the express permission of the family. Contact us if you would like us to undertake this.

Exercise the "little grey cells"

Items not all vailable at present - will be soon .....

As a society, one of our aims is to provide information that will hopefully be educational. We are looking into ways in which we can make this site more interactive and get users to participate in activities that will be fun and hopefully stimulate interest in Tharston and its history.

The first of these is a general Tharston quiz (MS Word, PDF) where the answers (MS Word, PDF) to all questions can be found within the website pages. Try the quiz before looking at the answers - don't spoil the fun by cheating!

Other Tharston quizzes available:

There are also two wordsearch puzzles:

If anyone has any ideas or would like to compile a quiz, puzzle or help to produce educational materials please make Contact.

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