Find your way about in the past ...

It is almost impossible to provide maps from this site and also any we may know of will be copyright. There are several internet sites which can give interactive access to maps of which a selection is given below:

A Vision of Britain Through Time - A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001, including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions, provided by the University of Portsmouth.

Norfolk Heritage Explorer - A database of the county's archaeological sites and historic buildings containing over 60,000 records describing the archaeology of Norfolk from the earliest evidence for human occupation from 750,000 BC up to the present day and can viewed in map form.

Map Explorer - Go into the past with the interactive map explorer and view historical maps alongside historical aerial survey data and modern day Ordnance Survey maps and overlay maps to pinpoint changes in the geographic landscape of the County, population and housing growth.

Map Image Viewer - View some of the historical maps of the Norfolk area held in the Archive Centre at County Hall including those of Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Thetford and Kings Lynn and zoom and pan into and around the maps allowing you to see the fine detail within these maps.

British History Online - A site providing online history resources which has early Ordnance Survey maps.

Page last updated: 11 February 2019