Parish Records

What the vicar wrote .....

The History of Parish Registers in England is well documented in Wikipedia. Most of Tharston's records are held at the Norfolf Archive Centre, with only the currently in use volumes retained by the church. Most of the volumns are readable with a few parts being faint or badly damaged. Early entries are in Latin.

Due to the large number of individual records, they have been split into periods of 10 years, each containing all 4 events, baptisms, banns, marriages and burials, included. For each of the 10 year periods there is a list of all the surnames of those included, hopefully so you do not waste too much time hunting for names.

The task of transcribing and making into an appropriate format for the website takes a great deal of time (especially for just one person) and more will be added as time permits.


Please read these notes to help understand the data format of the information.

  • The 4 types of records are in the order of life events - baptisms, banns, marriages and burials - and are in chronological order within those.
  • The bullets in the 2nd to 5th rows of the sheet indicates if a column has information appropriate to the 4 event types.
  • The 3 file types should allow most people to download and view each of 10 year periods - if you cannot do so then make Contact and we will help you to do this.
  • Any items in square brackets [ ] have been added from other sources or are editorial comments and are not part of the original content.
  • All the data has been freshly transcribed from copies of the original documents. Please read the copyright notice on the Home page.

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