1911 Census

2nd April 1911

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The 1911 census for England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday 2 April, 1911. The count included all individual households, plus institutions such as prisons, workhouses, naval vessels and merchant vessels, and it also attempted to count the homeless. The census also includes records for the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Royal Navy ships at sea, and overseas military establishments.

Unlike the censuses prior to 1911, the household schedules and the enumerators' summary books have been preserved, which means you can see your ancestor's own handwriting.

The Government required the 1911 census to ask some additional, more specific questions of each household, about fertility in marriage and occupation. It was a time of falling birth rates, large numbers of people emigrating, and the nation was in reportedly poor health across the population and they felt it necessary to understand more about the health of the nation, and which industries were growing or declining.

Suffragettes: a large number of women boycotted the 1911 census by refusing to be counted. There were two forms of protest. Some women (or their husbands) refused to fill in the form, often recording their protest on the household schedule or women evaded the census by staying away from their home for the whole night. In both cases, any details relating to these women in the households will be missing from the census. This could mean several thousand could be missing from the Census - However, this does not appear to affect Tharston's records to any great extend, if any.

The surnames from the Census are:

Andrews, Avis, Barrett, Batley, Blyth, Brookes, Buck, Burgess, Catchpole, Chatten, Chenery, Claxton, Coe, Cooper, Copeman, Crosby, Cullen, Dale, Davy, Dickerson, Drake, Duffield, Durrant, Edwards, Ellis, Ewington, Fearon, Fisher, Fisk, Ford, Fordham, Frost, Fuller, Garrould, Gibbs, Goat, Goates, Goose, Gowing, Grice, Hacker, Hannant, Hardesty, Hardy, Harwin, Hewett, Horton, Howell, Hunt, Jermy, Keeler, Leverett, Lincoln, Littlebag, Lloyd, Long, Lusher, Marshall, Mason, Matless, Mears, Minister, Mitson, Nudds, Pearse, Peck, Phillippo, Pidgeon, Potter, Rackham, Riches, Rix, Roper, Rudinell, Scrancher, Seaman, Searle, Sheldrake, Shepphard, Sillett, Smith, Spratt, Squires, Stannard, Stearma, Stearman, Stimpson, Stonex, Suckling, Tacon, Teck, Thorpe, Thursell, Ward, Warnes, Wright


A transcript of the whole of the village of Tharston has been made into a booklet and can be found on the Publications page.