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Please note our next meeting, Wednesday, 25th May, has been changed to a visit to the Tas Valley Society's meeting on the same evening. They have a talk by Alan Pask on the Caistor Roman Project and we have been kindly invited to attend.

Welcome to our website

Through our website we hope to bring to everyone the information gathered together about the village of Tharston in Norfolk.  It has a very varied past and it is our intention to show the village through it's history of the area, the buildings and of the residents and the trades they were involved in.

Visitor's notice

Please note that we are a relatively new group and would welcome constructive comments of critism or acclaim, offers of help and information on sources of interest.  We would especially like to hear from anyone from abroad who has a connection with Tharston.  Please make contact using the Contact form.

New Facebook Group

A new Facebook group has been set up where we hope that people will share with others information on Tharston, request information or help with research and help create a community of people interested in Tharston's history. The link is:

The One Hour Challenge

Do you have ancestors who lived in Tharston or a nearby village around 1900? If so, members of the THS would like to take on the challenge of finding out as much as we can about a line of your family in one hour. This has been tried by other societies and has proved to be most informative and enjoyable for all concerned. Many families have used this as a springboard to undertake more detailed research of their own.

Should we undertake this, the results of our findings will be presented at one of our meetings and a copy given to the family. Please note that nothing will be presented at any meeting which is remotely contentious without the express permission of the family.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Postcards - then and now

Please help ...

Some members are looking to undertake a project where old postcards of South Norfolk places are compared with what can be seen today. We have quite a number already but are hoping that people will have others which they would be prepared to let us scan - any loaned to us will be returned and a credit given to the owner. Ideally they should be from within a 10 mile radius of Tharston and a minimum of 50 years old. More recent ones will be useful especially if significant changes have taken place - today's news is tomorrow's history! If you have any which would be of interest please contact us and we will arrange for collection and return.

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